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Published on 22 April 2012 Hits: 1656

Workpackage 4

This work package aims to assess the effectiveness of tailored implementation interventions in chronic illness care and the mediating and moderating role of hypothesized barriers and enablers. In this work package 4 we will assess the effectiveness of the tailored implementation interventions that were derived from work package 3.First, we will select implementation interventions and develop research protocols for each of the different (clusters) of chronic conditions. The research protocols will be internationally standardized with respect to methods and measures where possible to enhance comparability of study findings. We aim for cluster-randomized trials, when feasible. The strongest possible alternative design will be used, when cluster-randomized trials are not feasible (e.g. interrupted time series). Finally, we will apply observational and qualitative methods (surveys, interviews, focus groups) including patients and professionals as process evaluation.

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