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TICD stands for “Tailored implementation for chronic diseases”. It is a four year European project, funded under the EU Framework 7 program. The aim of the TICD project is to develop better methods of tailoring implementation interventions to barriers and enablers for knowledge implementation in chronic illness care.

The TICD project focuses on tailoring implementation interventions in chronic illness care, assuming that implementation interventions are most beneficial if they effectively address the most influential barriers and enablers for implementation. Empirical evidence for any method or model for tailoring implementation interventions is, as yet, very limited. The implementation of evidence-based health interventions into routine health service provision is a largely pragmatic field of activity, which has resulted in little cumulative learning. Standardized methods and models are needed to build on, and add to, previous studies of implementation interventions. Head-to-head comparisons of alternative methods and models for tailoring are needed to increase our understanding of implementation processes in chronic illness care and to provide practical guidance to planners of implementation interventions.

Given the gaps in the provision of healthcare to patients with chronic conditions, there is an urgent need for better understanding of implementation processes in chronic illness care in order to improve the uptake of knowledge in routine healthcare delivery and thus to improve its outcomes. While each chronic disease and each healthcare system has unique characteristics, there are a number of characteristics which are shared across chronic conditions and healthcare systems:

  • Most chronically ill patients receive most of their healthcare in ambulatory and primary care settings.
  • Evidence-based clinical practice guidelines are available for many chronic diseases.
  • Health care increasingly needs to address the management of individuals with multiple coexisting diseases.
  • Patient's experience of chronic disease is not static and so health care systems need to be flexible enough to change care in response to changing patients' needs.
  • Chronic illness care has to be provided over a long period of time and it usually involves a team of health professionals.

The TICD project has been organized in 4 research work packages (WP1 – WP 4) and a dissemination work package (WP5). For more information, please click on the so called buttons of the navigation menu.

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